My coworker just told me about this fake NY Times that people were handing out on the subway yesterday morning. It’s filled with [liberal media elite] stories that are so-good-I-wish-they-were-true: Education Department Plans National Tax Base for Schools and Maximum Wage Law Passes Congress.

My favorite article, Court Indicts Bush on High Treason Charge, captures what would happen if Bush turned himself in for leading the US into a war with Iraq, knowing full well that there were no WMD.

“It’s taken a lot of soul searching, or more like deep-soul diving, I think is the term. But now I see that it was wrong to lead our nation to war under false pretenses. Millions have suffered for my sins, and I see now that it is only fitting that I should suffer as well.”

Mr. Bush’s self-accusation seems largely to have been plagiarized from years of accusations made against him in the press. It refers to his “political propaganda campaign to sell the war to the American people,” and describes how he and his team attempted to make the “W.M.D. threat and the Iraqi connection to terrorism appear certain, whereas in fact we knew there wasn’t one at all.”

Maybe it’s a sign that political satire isn’t dead now that Sarah Palin is out of the public eye for a little while.

If clicking around on that doesn’t give you enough stuff to slack-off-at-work-on-a-rainy-day with, check out Google’s flu trends chart. Happy Thursday!